Eva`s Music Factory was founded in august 2008 by Cece Lee.  

The idea to establish a new bilangual music school, resulted out of Cece Lee`s desire for more efficiency and more inspirational input for the music student, during her education at music conservatories in the Netherlands and in Switzerland. 

`Music is inspiration`, EMF`s motto, was born.

Meaning: using as little time as possible to accomplish best results while staying inspired during the process.

Cece Lee founder NL/CH

Educational background:

music performance voice, music pedagogics,  voice anatomy,  composition and music production at the royal conservatory of The Hague Netherlands,  Hochschule der Künste Zürich & Basel Switzerland.

Core values:

The student is in the centre.

The teaching method varies depending on the type of student.

There is equal respect between the student and the teacher.

The education is goal oriented.

The student and the teacher are committed to each other.

The direction of choice is always an inspirational one for both student and teacher.

There are no restrictions in age for a motivated student.

Responsible pedagogical tuition allows students to unfold their talents and to grow their self esteem.

The student becomes an independent musical individual.

The technical playing and singing skills are corresponding to the most actual music conservatory and music industry standards.

The teachers and partner teachers selected by EMF are all highly educated and or able to achieve EMF standards.


The ` voicetraining basics course` was the result of Cece Lee`s desire to provide her singing students with a highly efficient singing method. It includes information and exercises out of 20 years of her voicetraining experience. Each motivated student can reach the level of their first performance within three months to half a year of time. The training includes 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week of `voicetraining basics` exercises.

For piano and guitar for beginners, Cece Lee developed a very efficient getting started course which allows the student to play songs of their choice right from the start. 

The ´hip hop and breakdance´ course and the `singing talents´course for youngsters were especially developed with the idea to combine singing and dancing with dance choreos. Meeting today`s music video standards, breakdance became part of the basic dancing skills in the EMF dancing training.

By offering student workshops and recital possibilities like the annual ´summer meet` and `X-mas meet` EMF offers a platform to practise presenting and to perform for an audience.

The EMF mascot `Eva` was born in 2008 and commissioned to the Swiss graphic artist Viviana. The mascot is the artistic outcome of the mix of a `powerpuff girl` cartoon, a picture of Cece Lee and the Japanese manga drawing style. She represents fun, playfulness and sportiness. The EMF mascot can be found on EMF forms and course material.

The EMF letters on her belt are the EMF logo and can be found on the EMF forms, course material, T-shirts and other items.

In 2023, the 15th anniversary year, Eva`s Music Factory GmbH was established.




Postal adress:

Eva`s Music Factory GmbH

Seefeldstrasse 301

CH-8008 Zürich

Banking details:


Eva's Music Factory GmbH
Seefeldstrasse 307
8008 Zürich


Zürcher Kantonalbank
8010 Zürich

Bankkonto-Nr.:  1149-0696.557 

IBAN:  CH29 0070 0114 9006 9655 7

Bankenclearing-Nummer:  700

UID/MWST:  CHE-352.105.748