EMF singing talents  Zurich Seefeld

You love singing? Would like to improve your voice? And you love competing and challenges? Then this course was made for you!

You can profit from over 20 years of vocal coaching experience and improve your singing technics with our `Basic voice training`method. Including breathing technics, resonance & intonation training, belting, microphone technics,  video training & audio recording.

EMF`s singing talents also comes in combination with our Breakdance & Hip Hop dance course to improve choreo dancing while you are singing. You will get a chance to try-out your songs in our workshops & semester concert.

Your personnel group vocal coach supports you at castings & performances.

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`EMF singing talents`

special talent class for singers

For optimal fun: 

combine the Singing Talents course with our Breakdance & Hip Hop course!