Singing lessons - Gesangsunterricht

Singing is a great direct way of expressing yourself to the world. At EMF you can profit from over 20 years of vocal coaching experience. The `Basic voice training` method provides you with essential breathing technics, resonance, intonation, eartraining and note reading basics. 

Our highly qualified music teachers  love to develop your voice for your favorite music style from classical vocal technics to modern belting technics. 

Reserve your personal try out lesson still today and get started on your musical journey!


private music lessons 

subscription period 3 months

semester show and 1 student workshop included

60 minutes per lesson

online classes with skype & co on request

All fees excl. study books & application fee of CHF30.00

home teaching excl. traveling costs

quartal subscription


our bestseller 

CHF 1`299.00

quartal subscription


take it to the next level

CHF 669.00

single lesson subscription



CHF 139.00

Quartal subscription 

`sing & record`


CHF 1`599.00

vocal coaching & presentation coaching

highly intensive voice training for singers and / or speakers

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Group singing lessons

Semester subscription 

`Close-Harmony group`

Singing in a small group!

with Cece Lee, 

musical director

Location Zürich Seefeld

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