Breakdance & Hip Hop

Today`s choreos in music videos and live concerts include lots of Hip-Hop and Breakdance moves danced by Bboys and Bgirls.  

Eather a cool freeze, some synchronized top rocks or a 6 step combination; all the basic steps can be learned in EMF`s Hip-Hop & Breakdance course! Each lesson including a warming up, basic moves training and choreo training resolving in a group video and a performance every semester.

Location Zürich Seefeld

Sing & Dance

Hip Hop & Breakdance course combined with the Singing Talents semester course 

You love singing and you would like to combine your Hip Hop & Breakdance course with singing & dancing choreos?

In the Singing Talents course you learn all the important singing basics from a qualified Vocal Coach. 

Prepare for an amazing performance with singing & dancing each semester!

more about the "singing talents course